Water Quality Technical Webinar - Presentation materials

Presentation support for the webinar "Water quality to ensure a drinking water service" organized on 16/05/2023 by pS Eau, Resacoop and COEXIST as part of the renewal of the Nouvelles Coalition d'acteurs Call for Projects supported by the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region and the Rhône Méditerranée Corse and Loire Bretagne Water Agencies.


This webinar is part of a desire to strengthen exchanges between actors in order to improve international solidarity projects in the field of water and to promote new coalitions of actors.


Speakers and pitchers: Isabelle ROBERT (Resacoop), Iris Vidonne (Coexist), Ana Sanchez (pS Eau), Noemie Southammavong (Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes), Jean-Christophe Brad (Le Partenariat), Cissé Habibou (Diaspora Action Sénégal), Cédric Petit (Infratag), Annick Balocco (Medair), Hubert Odier (LMS Water), Patrick Chaverot (Surtec)


You can also watch the replay of the webinar in the media library!


Water Quality Technical Webinar - Presentation materials
May 30, 2023
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