ASCRES, Association de Soutien aux Centres de Recherches, d'Enseignements et de Soins is an association under Swiss law, registered in the canton of Geneva.

ASCRES was created in November 2016 by doctors and nurses from Switzerland who participated in the Buruli ulcer program in Akonolinga organized by MSF Switzerland from October 2002 to June 2014. When this program ended, it was decided to continue the activities with the health district of Akonolinga by developing cooperations between Switzerland and Cameroon.

The goal of ASCRES is to work in partnership with organizations whose mission is to promote research or teaching or care in low-resource settings to

Contribute to improving public health in the tropics with a special focus on neglected tropical diseases
To improve patient care through the integration of innovations from research programs and through trained personnel

The principle of action of ASCRES and CIRES is to develop coordinated actions of research, training and care in order to create a synergy that brings more efficiency and reduces costs thanks to a long-term commitment, the setting up of adapted premises and tools, and a trained and motivated staff.

ASCRE works in close coordination with CIRES, an association under Cameroonian law created in October 2015 by Cameroonian actors who participated in the former MSF program in Akonolinga. ASCRES may work with other organizations pursuing the same objectives.
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What we can contribute

Product, service or intervention proposed

Health study

Health training

Skills and expertise offered

  • Technical training
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  • Scientific research
Intervention theme
  • Health
Area of intervention
  • Cameroon

Contributions we can make to our partner

Assistance in the implementation of training or scientific research

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Skills and expertise required

  • Research and Technical Development
Intervention theme
  • Health
Area of intervention
  • Cameroon
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  • Sponsorship
  • Co-construction

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Sharing the experience


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  • Material Resources
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  • Additional skills/expertise


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