Association that aims to link Congolese NGOs and French companies
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What we can contribute

Product, service or intervention proposed

We develop projects that aim to bring together Congolese NGOs, schools and training institutes with French NGO partners, companies and universities in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

Skills and expertise offered

  • Field study/analysis (analysis of local needs and uses, market study, socio-cultural analysis)
  • Networking (networking, integration into the local ecosystem)
  • Communication
  • Legal framework
  • Project coordination
Intervention theme
  • Agri-agro
  • Health
  • Environment
Area of intervention
  • Other (please specify)
  • RDC

Contributions we can make to our partner

We know the socio-economic context of the DRC and we work with several local institutional and Congolese civil society partners.

We have a long experience of developing skills exchange projects between France and the DRC on the themes of health and agri-agro.

What we are looking for

Product, service or intervention sought

We wish to develop partnerships between actors from the North and the South because the exchange and collaboration between different actors allows us to implement projects on the ground and support the activities of the Congolese actors with whom we work.

Skills and expertise required

  • Technical training
  • Research and Technical Development
  • Study/Technical analysis
  • Dimensioning/technical design
  • Installation of equipment/machinery
  • Operation of equipment/machinery, production
  • Maintenance/rehabilitation of equipment/machinery
  • Soil expertise
  • Manufacture of equipment/machinery
  • Marketing/Marketing
  • Business model
Intervention theme
  • Environment
  • Agri-agro
  • Health
Area of intervention
  • Other (please specify)
  • RDC
Type of partnership sought
  • Sponsorship
  • Service/Customer
  • Co-construction

Our expectations/interest in creating a partnership

I am looking for business partners who can provide the technical skills necessary to support Congolese actors in the development of their projects.

Contributions we are looking for from the future partner

  • Material Resources
  • Means/opportunities Financial
  • Additional skills/expertise


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