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COEXIST is an incubator for operational partnerships between NGOs and companies.

Why an NGO-business incubator?

Over the past fifteen years, we have seen the emergence and multiplication of interactions between NGOs and companies in the field.

Today, it is not only a question of having the keys to interpreting NGO-business partnerships, but also of having the tools to implement them.

Relations between NGOs and companies have evolved and they are now ready to work together: if the desire is (often) there, the transition to action is not always obvious. It is a question of getting to know each other better, of meeting each other and of becoming more professional in their partnership approach.

In order to help the actors to increase their competence and to facilitate the meeting, COEXIST has been created!

COEXIST incubator

COEXIST promotes the development of technical partnerships between NGOs and companies in the framework of international solidarity projects. COEXIST brings together organizations active in the sectors of health,energy,agri-agro,water/sanitation and waste management.

The COST community gathers organizations active in these sectors of activity, but also structures with competences in Environment, New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) and education, transversal themes, which can be put at the service of projects.

Why develop an NGO-Business partnership?

Collaboration between an NGO and a company is above all collaboration between two organisations with complementary skills and expertise.

The NGO-company co-construction partnerships allow to design and implement global, innovative and sustainable solutions that are adapted to the needs of the field.

What are the objectives of COEXIST?

  • Contribute to the mutual understanding and knowledge between NGOs and companies
  • To share their skills and expertise with each other
  • Highlighting the complementarity of NGOs and companies
  • Supporting concrete co-construction projects

The COEXIST community

At the heart of COEXIST's DNA, a collaborative approach: COEXIST is an incubator that relies on a community of skills and expertise to support the diversity of NGO-company partnerships or to be supported in the development of these NGO-company partnerships. 

The actors who are part of the community are NGOs, companies, collectives, clusters, multi-stakeholder networks, local authorities, etc. who have common values and share founding principles: to learn more, consult the charter.

NGO-business partnerships are often partnerships that include other types of actors, particularly local governments. Local authorities are indeed important actors in the implementation and development of NGO-business partnerships, as potential financial and technical partners. This is why COEXIST also helps to bring together NGOs, companies and local authorities!

COEXIST's service offering

Resulting from a collective reflection, the COEXIST service offer has a real added value for NGO-Company collaboration projects!

To date, the tools available to the actors are :

Events and workshops

Exchange, debate and overcome stereotypes between actors

Meeting platform

Meet each other better and find the right partner for your project

Media library

To get informed and gain skills on the subject of NGO-business partnerships

In addition to these collective tools, COEXIST offers individual and personalised support to help structures develop their partnership strategy: from identifying suitable partners to promoting the project!

Discover the COEXIST platform

The COEXIST platform is a space for resources and meetings, which gathers all the tools proposed by the incubator. Discover it in video!

Do these tools meet your needs? Join the COEXIST community!

Do you want more information about COEXIST? Please contact us!

Further information: decentralized cooperation

Full of ambition, COEXIST aims to extend NGO-company partnerships to multi-actor partnerships, particularly in the context of decentralized cooperation carried out by French local authorities.

The NGO-company partnership is indeed a particularly interesting approach in the framework of decentralized cooperation, since it allows tocombine international solidarity and internationalization of companies.

Local authorities are invited to join the COEXIST community to initiate such partnerships and get in touch with COEXIST members!


We work with NGOs and public authorities to deploy these technologies on the ground and provide solutions for the people. This type of relationship is very important to us. Everyone has an essential role to play in tackling this global challenge.

NGOs and local public authorities are experts in the field, they know better than anyone else the population, the culture, the real needs, the issues and what works and what does not. For our part, we can offer them adapted solutions that take into account each aspect of the problem.

Testimony of a company: Inovaya

Cooperating brings both interests for the territory and for the companies. It allows a leverage effect for the territories.

Testimony of an NGO: Tetraktys 

The corporate partnership is a formidable lever for deploying our actions, changing scale and innovating.

It must be a win-win situation in order to be effective and sustainable. We tailor our partnerships in response to the challenges faced by companies: their raison d'être in society, attracting talent, motivating employees, developing new markets, etc.

Listening, transparency, innovation and pragmatism have guided us in our relationships with our partners for over 20 years.

Testimony of an NGO: Entrepreneurs of the World