The Geneva Health Forum (GHF) is the forum that brings together key players to help find solutions to global health challenges. Created in 2006, it is organised by the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) and the University of Geneva in partnership with 30 organisations active in international health, with the overall objective of contributing to improving health and access to care worldwide.

Global health challenges are increasingly complex, and addressing them requires a multidisciplinary approach and the ability to provide innovative solutions. Building on the dynamics of international Geneva, where it is located, the Geneva Health Forum provides a permanent platform for collaboration and organises one of the most important international conferences on global health every two years.
                                                    Getting in touch

What we can contribute

Product, service or intervention proposed

We facilitate networking and collaboration between different actors who want to develop health projects

Skills and expertise offered

  • Networking (networking, integration into the local ecosystem)
  • Networking
Intervention theme
  • Health
Area of intervention
  • Other (please specify)
  • Switzerland

Contributions we can make to our partner

Network of actors, collaboration tools

What we are looking for

Product, service or intervention sought

Organisations developing or supporting health projects

Skills and expertise required

  • Other (please specify)
  • All skills to develop health projects
Intervention theme
  • Health
  • NTIC
Area of intervention
  • Other (please specify)
  • France
Type of partnership sought
  • Co-construction

Our expectations/interest in creating a partnership

Creation of synergy to develop health projects

Contributions we are looking for from the future partner

  • Additional skills/expertise


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Geneva Health Forum

co Institut de Santé Globale, 9 chemin des mines
1202 Geneva