Created in 1999, HAMAP-Humanitarian is a Non-Governmental Organization of international solidarity.
The actions of HAMAP-Humanitarian are organized around four areas: water and sanitation, mine action, education and health.
HAMAP-Humanitaire's actions are always directed towards the most deprived populations, without distinction of origin, nationality, religion or social condition.
                                                    Getting in touch

What we can contribute

Product, service or intervention proposed

access to drinking water, sanitation, demining, health, education

Skills and expertise offered

  • Communication
  • Search for funding
Water - EHA
Intervention theme
  • Water - EHA
  • sanitation
Area of intervention
  • Burkina Faso
  • Benin
  • Mauritania
  • Iraq

Contributions we can make to our partner

Project consulting, communication, financing

What we are looking for

Product, service or intervention sought

Financing, expertise

Skills and expertise required

  • Communication
  • Field study/analysis (analysis of local needs and uses, market study, socio-cultural analysis)
  • Installation of equipment/machinery
  • Search for funding
  • Research and Technical Development
Water - EHA
Intervention theme
  • Water - EHA
  • Education
  • Sanitation, demining
Area of intervention
  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Other (please specify)
  • Iraq, Mauritania, Congo DRC
Type of partnership sought
  • Sponsorship

Our expectations/interest in creating a partnership

Our interest in creating a partnership lies in our desire to raise awareness of HAMAP Humanitarian's actions in the areas of demining, access to drinking water and sanitation.

We also want to attract sponsors to help us finance our projects in Africa and the Middle East.

Contributions we are looking for from the future partner

  • Means/opportunities Financial
  • Material Resources


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HAMAP Humanitarian

7 Rue de Charenton
94140 Alfortville