Specialized in toilets in difficult and unconnected areas since 1991, Sanisphere has developed numerous innovations to provide durable, simple and robust sanitation solutions to withstand the difficulties of public areas (high traffic, degradation...).
Sanisphere proposes today 2 solutions for the international, either for weak frequentation with the Sanimagine which can be sent in Kit and install by a local actor with manufacture of the cabin on the spot (Community toilet, beach toilet, tourist zone...), or a solution "turn-key" in container for blocks of toilets in zone of very strong frequentation (urban market, stop of bus...)
On the other hand, Sanisphere is working on an intermediate toilet solution to complete its export range and wishes to partner with actors of the cooperation to have a better understanding of the context and to adapt its products to bring effective and durable solutions in the areas that need it the most.
Sanisphere also innovates in the management of toilets with the development of system of management by the users and facilitation of business management for the manager of the toilet block.
In short Sanipshere is open to collaboration on all projects that require public toilets to develop solutions closer to the need while valuing its experience of difficult context and simple solutions (low-tech) robust and sustainable!

                                                    Getting in touch

What we can contribute

Product, service or intervention proposed

What is a public, ecological and autonomous toilet?

-1 technical system with urine source separation, on-site urine management or conditioning for recovery and vermicomposting of solid matter

An ECO-system for the treatment of solid matter allowing an agricultural valorization or an on-site management of the matter and thus no emptying.

-1 natural ventilation system for odors

-Taking into account the visual comfort of the user with a natural and pleasant light and smell.

-Solutions adapted to the public domain with simplicity of use, maintenance and robustness.


What Sanisphere offers in addition to its technology

-Expert time to adapt the technology to the specific needs of the project context,

-Transfer of technology and skills to local, public or private organizations

-A range of solutions from DIY to turnkey to adapt to local demand.

-Successful and guaranteed products that have been designed for export

-Innovation on the management of sanipshere blocks with a user engagement program and a management solution for the manager and his partners or institutions.

Skills and expertise offered

  • Technical training
  • Research and Technical Development
  • Installation of equipment/machinery
  • Dimensioning/technical design
  • Study/Technical analysis
  • Operation of equipment/machinery, production
  • Maintenance/rehabilitation of equipment/machinery
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Manufacture of equipment/machinery
  • Search for funding
  • Industrialisation/Scaling up
Water - EHA
Intervention theme
  • Water - EHA
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Public toilets, sanitation, recovery
Area of intervention
  • Cameroon
  • France, Europe, China.

Contributions we can make to our partner

We can contribute with our toilet and treatment solutions, but also with our experience and expertise in toilet recovery and management, as well as the design of specific solutions.

We can also engage with our future partners for co-financing, and assistance in project management or file assembly.

What we are looking for

Product, service or intervention sought

An organization that knows the field with public toilet needs and that would be a partner or leader in the co-development of financing projects in order to provide solutions adapted to the local context and to follow them over time.

Skills and expertise required

  • Field study/analysis (analysis of local needs and uses, market study, socio-cultural analysis)
  • Networking (networking, integration into the local ecosystem)
  • CSR approach (relationship with stakeholders, optimisation of resources, environmental regulations, etc.)
  • Business model
  • Search for funding
  • Project coordination
Intervention theme
  • Environment
  • Agri-agro
  • Water - EHA
  • Health
  • public toilets, sanitation
Area of intervention
  • Morocco
  • Mauritania
  • Tunisia
  • Cameroon
  • Madagascar
  • Benin
  • Burkina Faso
  • Senegal
  • Mali
  • Ivory Coast
  • Africa
Type of partnership sought
  • Service/Customer
  • Co-construction

Our expectations/interest in creating a partnership

Wishing to promote our low-tech solution of ecological and autonomous public toilets by urine separation and vermicomposting, Sanisphere wishes to find partners for:

  1. Identify areas of need for public toilets (with knowledge of local institutional actors) and collaborate to support a transfer of competence to a local organization for the installation, maintenance and eventually the local manufacture of toilets in Africa and Asia.
  2. Definition of the specifications of the target need to feed the innovation and the development of specific product of the zoner requesting public toilets.
  3. Work on the Maghreb area for the development of toilet solutions in the context of "washing VS wiping" and therefore with more water and no paper.
  4. Collaboration to develop solutions to take into account the user's opinion and feedback to allow better management of the toilet and ensure continuous quality control for citizens, the toilet manager and his employees but also to give visibility to institutions and donors.
  5. Collaboration for research/action projects on the valorization of fertilizing materials (Urine and vermicompost or other forms) for circular economy projects allowing to close the nitrogen and nutrient cycle in a local and healthy way.

Working together for public relief for everyone, everywhere, all the time!

Contributions we are looking for from the future partner

  • Means/opportunities Financial
  • knowledge of the local context and need for public toilets and improved sanitation


Ongoing projects


Ecological and economical public toilets for Morocco or the Maghreb

Area of intervention
  • Morocco
Skills required
  • Project coordination
  • Field study/analysis (analysis of local needs and uses, market study, socio-cultural analysis)
  • Networking (networking, integration into the local ecosystem)
  • Marketing/Marketing
  • CSR approach (relationship with stakeholders, optimisation of resources, environmental regulations, etc.)
  • Search for funding


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