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"Cameroon - Innovation and Sustainability: The renewable energy and ecological development initiative for the SIKOP zone".

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The CULTUDE association supports this project, which is a crucial step towards the sustainable development of the "SIKOP" area, offering a viable energy solution and improving the living conditions of its inhabitants.


The project is being rolled out in the "SIKOP" zone, encompassing the villages of Ndambog, Bodbadjang and Log-Iyaga, located in the Ndom arrondissement, Sanaga-Maritime department, Littoral region. This landlocked and underdeveloped area suffers from a crucial lack of infrastructure, particularly in terms of electricity, drinking water and roads.

The main objective is to overcome the lack of electricity by installing solar street lamps and mini solar power plants in health centers. The project aims to improve quality of life, night-time safety, access to quality education and healthcare, and combat rural exodus.

The direct beneficiaries are the inhabitants of the three villages, in particular schoolchildren and patients at the health centers. Indirectly, the project benefits the whole community by promoting local socio-economic development.

To achieve this, we plan to install a total of 100 solar streetlights across the villages of Ndambog, Bodbadjang and Log-Iyaga. This includes the extension of 80 new streetlights, in addition to the 20 already in place, to light paths, public spaces and areas around schools, improving safety and access to education after dark.

In addition, three integrated village health centers will be equipped with mini solar power plants. These installations will provide a reliable and sustainable power supply, essential for the conservation of vital medicines such as anti-venom, and will support the day-to-day operations of the health centers, including the running of essential medical equipment.

The project also includes a major component to raise awareness of renewable energies, particularly solar power, and environmental conservation. Educational sessions will be organized for technicians, enabling them to understand how renewable energies work, their environmental benefits and their role in combating climate change. As ambassadors, they will share their knowledge with village residents. This awareness-raising is designed to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices and greater involvement of villagers in the management of their environment. In this way, the project not only improves infrastructure, but also contributes to a positive and lasting change in attitudes and behaviour towards energy and the environment.

These crucial investments will not only significantly improve the quality of life in the "SIKOP" area, but also contribute to the sustainable development of these communities by providing reliable, renewable energy solutions.

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