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Strengthening international cooperation to address the challenges of access to energy services in developing countries

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The aim of the program is to strengthen international cooperation around the challenges of access to energy services in developing countries, by reinforcing the capacity for action of the Cicle Network, a multi-stakeholder network specialized in access to energy services run by pS-Eau.

The project is structured around a specific objective: international cooperation actors are in a position to carry out a greater number of high-quality projects in developing countries. This objective is broken down into three results to be achieved: the first aims to provide CSOs with powerful tools for understanding and aiding action, the second to support CSOs in the appropriation and use of these tools, and finally the third to mobilize decentralized and non-governmental cooperation actors more widely, the funds available and encourage the emergence of synergies.

Intervention theme
  • Energy
Area of intervention
  • Senegal
  • Madagascar
  • The whole of France and countries where official development assistance is provided
Type of partnership
  • Co-construction

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