2024 GHF Conference – Health, a Common Good!

  • Genève et distanciel

The GHF Conference serves as a crucial platform for scientists, healthcare professionals, and field actors to offer their perspectives on the pressing challenges and opportunities in global health.


It provides a neutral space for meaningful dialogue, knowledge exchange, and the exploration of innovative solutions that bridge the gap between science and policy.


In its milestone 10th edition, the GHF Conference will revolve around the overarching theme of Health as a common good, exploring themes of societal responsibility, equity, and sustainability across three pivotal domains :


🍃 Health and the Environment: Time for Solutions 👉 27 May

👣 Migration, Health, and Equity 👉 28 May

🦟 Towards the Elimination of Malaria 👉 29 May


More than a mere platform for discussion : the GHF Conference is a catalyst for action.


Participants will have the opportunity to :


✅ Gain Insights into Global Health Challenges

✅ Forge Valuable Connections

✅ Drive Change