Hatch Technologies(Hatch) is a non profit organization that is part of the NEST 360 alliance which aims at reducing neonatal mortality in Africa by 50%.Hatch addresses neonatal mortality by providing comprehensive distribution and support services for high quality medical devices designed for newborn care units in Sub- Saharan Africa. Hatch acts as the connection between medical device manufacturers and local distributors to offer high quality newborn care products and services to hospitals.

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Hatch offers select medical devices for managing newborn care in hospitals. Hatch medical devices have been through rigorous testing to ensure they are right for you. We partner with world class medical device manufacturers who are committed to supporting their products and making them better .All our products meet the Target Product profiles developed by UNICEF and NEST 360.We just dont deliver medical devices, we add value with our tailored accessory kit and spare kits. We take the extra step to instal the equipment, train your staff and periodically go to see if all is well.Our medical devices fall in to 3 categories:Jaundice Management, respiratory Support and Thermal Management.

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  • Santé
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  • Kenya

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A reliable partner for any  organization wishing to partner with a stable and reliable global non profit addressing neonatal mortality in Sub – Saharan Africa through comprehensive distribution and support of neonatal medical devices.

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Hatch Technologies

11th floor, Muthangari drive,Nairobi( Kenya)
00800 Nairobi