The primary objective is the safe management of human excreta and associated hygiene behaviour; with the Zerho toilet being central to this. We focus on the key aspects that cause a substantial health burden; while positively impacting on Human Dignity and Safety of all users.

Implementing Zerho toilets in larger numbers will immediately limit further leaching of faecal waste into the ground and contaminating groundwater reservoirs.
Having a private toilet in the home which resolves the problems of odour, unpleasant visual contact with faeces and fouling, and the danger of children falling into the pit.

The Zerho Toilet does not rely on any infrastructure (water or electricity), or on specific consumables. The Zerho toilet is a purely mechanical, non-fluid based, self-contained sanitation device which safely contains faecal matter until dry.
From a technical perspective, the mechanical flush is advantageous, as the only requirement would be the manual operation by the toilet user. This makes the operational cost negligible, offering yet another advantage over other waterless toilet options.
Further to the improved safety, dignity and hygiene offered with Zerho toilets, the dry waste removal and maintenance of the product offers good potential for training and economic activities in the project community.
The proper use and management of the Toilet Resources form part of the Implementation Plan; with focus on Soil Regeneration and Food Security using the urine and dry waste.
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Sanitation is a universal need, especially when it does not use a scarce resource – water.  I would like assistance with communicating the availability and existence of the Zerho Toilet; which answers to many human and ecological needs – at a fraction of the time and money it would normally take.

I am looking for collaborators to expand the use of the Zerho Toilet in Southern Africa and other markets where the need is greatest, by supporting and/or funding projects.

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  • Réseau (mise en relation, intégration dans l'écosystème local)
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  • Recherche de financement
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  • Environnement
  • Eau - EHA
  • Off-grid Sanitation
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  • Afrique du Sud
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  • Commercialization of the Zerho Toilet through projects that include off-grid Sanitation
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  • Co-construction

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Nobody should be talking about Sustainability without discussing Water and the intimacies of its ugly twin, Sanitation.

A developer should make sure to protect Water at every contact point; by offering a Sanitation product that speaks to Service Delivery in the absence of water for flush; is Eco-sensitive, Robust and Cost-effective.

I would like to experience the growing uptake of the Zerho Waterless Toilet in Construction and Housing Development Plans – saving costs that normally accompany water-borne sanitation and recycling of waste water.


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