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Expertise prior to setting up a cultural and social center in Bouansa, Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville)

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The ITI KE NA ZONZA association (Congo) and its French counterpart Iti Ké Na Zonza France want to develop a socio-cultural center in Bouansa.

Iti Ké Na Zonza France is supported by the Lianes coopération multi-actor network for international cooperation in the Hauts-de-France region. The association could benefit from the Explor skills exchange volunteer program to mobilize a resource person to establish a field diagnosis to initiate their cultural center project.

The duration of mobility is a maximum of 15 days in Bouansa.


Intervention theme
  • Education
Area of intervention
  • Other (please specify)
  • Congo Brazzaville
Skills required
  • Field study/analysis (analysis of local needs and uses, market study, socio-cultural analysis)
  • Business model
  • Legal framework
  • Setting up and managing a socio-cultural center
Type of partnership
  • Sponsorship

ITI KE NA ZONZA (Congo) is a Congolese association for reforestation,
agroforestry and cultural sharing, created in 2019 in Bouansa, Congo Brazzaville. It brings
the following three projects on Congolese territory:
- the REFORESTATION project: In Ntembele, we are protecting the 7 islands of forest by reconnecting them
ecological corridors. In addition, we are planting fruit tree orchards on their edges
and we are scientifically monitoring the evolution of these ecosystems.
- the FERME-FORET project: in Bouansa, we are developing farm-forests, i.e. farms
farms based on agroecology and agroforestry practices, with plantations of all kinds of trees
tree plantations of all kinds, combined with conventional farm activities such as livestock and market gardening.
market gardening.
- the PARTAGE project: also in Bouansa, we organize various social and cultural activities
and cultural activities, such as French classes for women and children, recycling workshops
and educational exchanges with France. We also take care to welcome volunteer projects
and support for the local soccer team.

ITI KE NA ZONZA (Congo) works in conjunction with its French counterpart,
ITI KE NA ZONZA (France), based in Amiens.
Our two associations have a project to renovate and rehabilitate the site of the former convent of the Bouansa
Bouansa, belonging to the Diocese of Nkayi but abandoned since the 1997 war.
The aim is to establish a lasting partnership with the Diocese of Nkayi to enable our Congolese
Congolese association to work on the site, renovating the 6 large buildings and maintaining the
surrounding area, in order to develop a cutlurel and social center.

The aim of this project is not only to open up access to culture and reading, which is currently very limited, to the inhabitants of Bouansa, but also to create a real centre for the promotion of culture and reading.
to culture and reading for the people of Bouansa, but also to create a hub for the promotion of traditional
culture and raise awareness of environmental conservation. Thanks to this
center, a wide range of cultural, social and environmental activities will be put in place
for the benefit of the entire population of the town of Bouansa, its surroundings and Congolese
Congolese artists looking for a place to perform in the Bouenza department. The area
surrounding the buildings of the former convent will be entirely reforested with fruit trees
trees and local forest esssences, with the creation of a botanical trail, biodiversity preservation areas
and agroforestry cultivated areas.

In order to ensure the center's long-term viability, we'll be building tourist accommodation
and particular care will be taken to organize their stay, so that it will be an opportunity to discover
traditional Congolese culture at its most beautiful, and to raise awareness of the urgent need to
raise awareness of the urgent need to act to preserve the environment.

Through this center, our aim is to provide support for the local population in the areas
most sensitive to them, namely access to culture and reading, support for children's schooling
children's schooling, women's literacy, access to medical care and access to healthy
chemical-free agricultural produce.

As part of this project, ITI KE NA ZONZA (Congo), in partnership with
association ITI KE NA ZONZA (France), is proposing a mission whose aim is to :
- establish a preliminary diagnosis for the implementation of the cutlurel and social center, in order to evaluate
the project's feasibility, relevance and potential.
- Advise and train the members of the association on site in Bouansa to ensure the proper
development of the center, its management and the sustainability of the activities undertaken.
- Assess the risks that could lead to the project's failure, and provide a range of solutions and advice to avoid them.
solutions and advice to avoid them.

The mission report should contain :
- a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the project to set up a cultural and social
social center
- an expert opinion on the feasibility, relevance and potential of the project
- a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the risks that could lead to the project's failure
- a set of technical sheets explaining the measures to be taken for the proper
development, management and sustainability of activities undertaken within the centr

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